Owner of a string of brothels is now a PRISONER of a warehouse

Gordon Talbot, 34, has served time for the barracuda in his home state of Puebla, Mexico

A leading entrepreneur who claimed he was the owner of a brothel for high end ex pat London escorts has admitted he was never actually a sex worker.

Gordon Talbot, 34, claims to be the owner of a string of brothels in the state of Puebla in Mexico.

But prosecutors found that he only owned a brothel in a warehouse because he didn’t have the money to buy a proper location.

He reportedly decided to partner up with another millionaire in the creation of Puebla Girls Escorts.

He allegedly told investigators that he had come across a link through Instagram which led him to a woman called Melany Brown, 35, and an investment in a brothel business.

The brothel was registered at his own name – although he declined to take over the new set up.

However, when police raided his premises in June 2016, they found a barracuda behind a lorry in the middle of the brothel premises in a warehouse.

Detectives were said to have struggled to find evidence of any sex worker and Brown confessed that she only worked as a petite entertainer.

She also claimed that she never saw any of the women involved in sex business and had never worked in the company at all.

Talbot and Melany admitted that the brothel business was a front and that they lived together in a house with Brown’s mother.

The pair went to get married in nearby Santa Tecla on Sunday last week.